The Internet’s Latest Obsession Is Watching This Aussie Frantically Try To Guess Paint Colours

Why am I so invested in this?

tiktok guessing paint christian hull

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With only three more months until the end of 2020, it’s only natural that people have progressed to the stage of lockdown where we are literally getting excited over watching paint get mixed.

No, seriously. For those who haven’t seen the glorious process, custom painting mixing on TikTok has been a real trend over the last few months.

With staff at paint stores randomly deciding to film their computerised paint colour mixers and drum shakers, people have made a habit out of trying to guess what colour a few squirt of randoms hues will produce. Honestly, who knew that real people actually requested so many fucked up, funky colours for their projects?

But while most reserve their guesses for the comments under these mixing videos, Brisbane-based comedian Christian Hull has made frantically trying to guess these paint colours via TikTok duets his thing.

Starting his guessing game on September 19, Hull has since gone viral for his chaotic predictions. One where he somehow managed to perfectly nail the exact shade of pink, however, has also caught the attention of people on Twitter.

“[My] main source of joy is this guy who frantically guesses what colour the paint is going to be,” internet reporter Rebecca Jennings tweeted early this morning along with the video that has since been viewed 3.2 million times on Twitter and another 8.7 million more on TikTok.

In the video, which Christian Hull told Junkee was his favourite of all his paint guesses so far, the comedian struggles between what shade of mauve the custom colours would produce. Originally settling on a deep wine colour, Hull stressfully battles with himself before quickly changing to a light pink after not remembering whether the paint base was a white paint or gelatin.

The whole thing is a pure joy to watch, especially seeing Hull’s reaction after finally getting a colour right. Speaking to Junkee directly, Christian Hull explained that he started recording himself guessing paint after seeing other people doing the same.

“Guessing paint colours before they are mixed is one of the funnest games I stumbled across on TikTok,” Hull told Junkee. “I saw someone playing it and then I thought ‘This looks fun, I have nothing better to do’ and then like eating Pringles, once you pop you can’t stop.”

But beyond just being fun, Hull noted that he was also getting much better with his guesses too with each passing video. When sharing the TikTok of his correct guess to Instagram, the comedian said: “If this was an Olympic sport, this would have been me taking hone the gold. This TikTok game brings me more joy than Grindr.”

The comedian says he wasn’t really expecting his paint can colour game to really take off, because while “it’s a fun game, it’s nothing new”. But for those who don’t know Christian Hull, the frantic colour predictor has a following of over half a million people on TikTok, so it’s not all too surprising that people fell in love with his paint guesses.

Prior to being a social media star, Hull worked in radio where he would manage all the social media accounts of the radio shows. After deciding to make his “own dumb videos”, his content blew up and he has since been able to create a full-time career out of things like guessing random paint colours.

“I have been doing stupid videos for about five years now,” Hull shared. “It makes me laugh with how much such a mundane thing has blown up.”

But while Christian Hull guessing paint colours is nothing groundbreaking, it sure is a joy to watch. You have to admit these videos are a great palate cleanser, especially after the shit show that was the US Presidential debate earlier today.

You can follow Christian Hull on TikTok for more of his paint guessing adventures.