The Most Elaborate Music Scam Of Recent History Just Keeps Going

Last year, Jered Eames conned European venues into booking his one-man band Threatin by falsifying a record deal, management and even live-concert footage. He's still scheming.


Jered Eames, who last year conned European venues into booking his one-man band Threatin by falsifying a record deal, management and even live-concert footage, has no intention of stopping the so-called ‘social commentary’ any time soon, with plans to re-do the tour later this year. Still, he’s just received one major setback in the form of a series of lawsuits costing him more than US $18,000 ($25,693).

In case you need a recap, last November, the LA-based one-man band Threatin had their 10-city European tour cancelled a few gigs in after it became apparent that Jered Eames had wilfully misrepresented the band’s popularity with (but not limited to) faked interviews, record deals, awards and fans. According to Eames, it was a commentary on “fake news”.

Just three people came to the tour’s opening night in London, a surprise for both the venue and his hired band. That’s why his ex-drummer Dane Davis and guitarist Joe Prunera sued Threatin and his wife, Kelsey, to recover expenses and lost wages from the tour.

As reported by Metal Sucks, both Threatin and his wife didn’t appear in court, resulting in a hefty default judgement.

Prunera was awarded US $10,000 plus US $250 in court fees, and Davis was awarded US $3975.29. Davis’ mother also sued, as she had flown to Ireland to see her son play, and was awarded US $4035.66.

In summary, the Eames’ owe US $18,260.95 ($26,066.40). They both have so far been completely unresponsive to court summons, which means their assets may be frozen.

Meanwhile, Jered has continued to chug ahead with his pending ‘Re-Breaking The Underworld Tour’ by posting for a job opening for a touring guitarist. If you’re interested, be warned, as there’s a set number of conditions. You need not apply if you like high-fives, have ever said ‘lol’ out loud, or are “whiter” than Eames.

If that and the lawsuits aren’t a big enough red flag, then recall that last year Eames told Rolling Stone he had more trickery planned for the years. No thanks.

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Who wants to go to London? Threatin is seeking another guitarist for his upcoming tour to the United Kingdom this November. Criteria for auditioning musicians below. Preferred, but not Required: You CANNOT: – Live with your mother – Have more than one lazy eye – Be someone who reads self-help books and think it’s helping – Be someone who says “spoiler alert” while talking about something I don’t care about – Be a vegan – Be someone who thinks high-fiving is ever okay – Have a forehead larger than the rest of your face – Be someone who doesn’t have the webcam on their computer covered with tape – Be from Montana – Be someone that types “u” to replace a three-letter word – Have ever said “lol” out loud – Be someone that describes themselves as a “people person” – Be whiter than me You MUST: – Have proficient guitar skills – Be comfortable being on camera / in front of a film crew – Have a valid passport – Be available for rehearsals in Los Angeles – Be able to understand that some of these requirements may or may not be a joke DM or email: [email protected] for more info.

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