This Scientific Infographic Teaches You How To Take The Perfect Nap


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As students, napping is our area of goddamn expertise.

Big one the night before? Take a nap. Three-hour law lecture? Take a nap. Assignment due in 24 hours? Take a nap.

But as it turns out, napping is so much more than just lying down and closing your eyes. It needs to have structure and process, lest you sleep through the entire day and wake up at 5pm wondering where you are and what century you’re in. (Yes, we’re talking about this meme.)

Thankfully, we dug up this very helpful and scientifically accurate guide from the good folk at the Art of Wellbeing on how to make the most out of your nap time.

The Art of Wellbeing points out that human beings are hard-wired to take a micro-sleep during the day and the perfect amount of shut-eye can actually be the key to making our days more productive. See? They don’t make us lazy, gross slobs. In fact, they make us the opposite.

The infographic also points out that the best time of day to take a nap is between 1-pm, AKA siesta time. You should set up the perfect conditions (minimal light and noise) and always, always set an alarm.

They also introduce the genius concept of coffee nap: taking a nap just after you drink a coffee so that by the time the caffeine starts to kick in, you’ll wake up. A double-whammy of alertness. Here for it.

If anyone gives you a hard time for getting some shut eye, tell them to shut it. You can find the full infographic here.

(Lead image: Friends/NBC)

h/t: Lifehacker

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