The Wild Story Behind The Infamous ‘This Is For Rachel’ Voicemail Meme

No she didn't stab Rachel seventeen times, but she did end up getting Rachel's job.

Story and woman behind this is for rachel voicemail

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Back in 2018, a very descriptive voicemail left for a woman named Rachel went viral.

That August, Twitter user @freepark_ing uploaded a two-minute long video and wrote: “Wrong number just sent me this… Rachel you better be ready.” The recording was of a voicemail message left on the company general line from one employee to another.

While the message was long, the caller identified herself as Jasmine Collins, and accused her manager Rachel of racism. The voicemail pointed out that Rachel had allegedly purposefully removed Jasmine from the schedule because she was black.

Jasmine then warned Rachel that she was going to unexpectedly beat her up for “playing with Jasmine Collin’s money, bitch”. Clearly upset with being taken off the schedule, Jasmine threw insult after insult, which resulted in a hilarious new meme.

The Woman Who Left The Message

The woman behind the now-famous voicemail is Jasmine Collins, a self-labelled comedian and social media personality.

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While Junkee reached out to interview Jasmine, she ended up leaving us on read after we sent through the questions. But this is pretty understandable as Jasmine has voiced over Instagram stories that she’s been bombarded with messages that she doesn’t have the time to answer.

However, some people did manage to get into contact with Jasmine by taking her phone number off her Instagram account before others found her page.

One fan was lucky enough to get a voicemail back from Jasmine, who told the caller to “don’t play on her motherfucking phone, bitch.”

Despite Jasmine not replying to our queries, she addressed a lot of the questions that she was being asked in an Instagram Live.

The Story Behind The Message

After going viral in 2018, the voicemail meme slowly fizzled out until the message started trending again on TikTok. The #ThisIsForRachel trend found new life at the end of 2019, after the original voicemail was mashed up with the instrumental of City Girl’s ‘Act Up’.

But as the meme gained more popularity, people begun wondering what happened between Rachel and Jasmine. Rumours started swirling online that Jasmine had actually stabbed Rachel seventeen times following the voicemail, and was currently serving 25 years in prison.

To address the claims, Jasmine took to Instagram to clear up any confusion over what actually happened. During an Instagram Live, Jasmine explained that she left Rachel about 30 voicemails and did not regret doing so in any way.

“I said everything the fuck I said, and I’d say that shit again cause I don’t give no fucks,” Jasmine said to her viewers. “That bitch blocked me from her extension number, so I left that shit on the main motherfucking line.”

Annoyed that Rachel had removed her from the schedule, Jasmine explained that she called Rachel anytime the thought came back into her mind. “Every time I thought about anything I’d call that fat bitch. If I thought about a cable box, I’d call that fat bitch,” she continued. “Anytime I saw the letter R, every time I saw a white bitch, every time I saw a piece of cheese, every time I saw a piece of string-ass, motherfucking thin-ass hair, I’d call that fat bitch.”

Jasmine also used her Live video to shut down any rumours about her actions and where they landed her. “I don’t feel bad. I did not stab that bitch. I never got a chance to go back up there,” Jasmine said. “I just called the bitch and cursed her out and that was the end of that.”

According to Jasmine, in a crazy turn of events Rachel allegedly lost her job and Jasmine was promoted to replaced her. Jasmine’s claims of racism were apparently deemed true by human resources, who used Heather, another co-worker, to validate the claims.

“A whole month later the motherfucking boss from human resources had offered me Rachel’s job. Long story short, she had got fired two days later after I left all them voicemails because he asked her what was going on, so Heather was able to back me up,” Jasmine cleared up. “So they fired her for discrimination, for taking me off the schedule because I was black.”

Heather, who is also black, reported what Rachel said back to Jasmine, which is what caused the voicemail exchange in the first place. Jasmine continued in her Live, “I do Heathers hair, you stupid bitch. Of course she’s gonna tell me what you said.”

To further prove her employment status to skeptical followers, Jasmine then uploaded a photo series in a variety of uniforms with the caption: “I keep a job [and] still have a job.”

The Meme Lives On

Now that we know that Jasmine didn’t stab Rachel, and that Rachel was allegedly racist, people have not held back in making more “This Is For Rachel” memes.

The meme itself is pretty simple, people use the City Girls version of the message to angrily recite the voicemail to themselves, to other people, animals or to companies that have wronged them. The main goal of the meme is to fully memorise the first minute or so of the voicemail, which is a pretty amazing feat in itself.

If you’re interested in making your own, the voicemail reads: “This message lasts two minutes…This is for Rachel you big, fat, white, nasty-smelling fat bitch. Why you took me off the motherfuckin’ schedule with your trifflin’, dirty, white, racist ass, you big, fat bitch? Oompa Loompa body-ass bitch. I’m coming up there and I’m gonna beat the fuck out of you, bitch. And don’t even call the police today ’cause I’m gonna come up there unexpected and wait on your motherfuckin’ ass bitch…”