The Trailer For The Veronicas’ New Reality Show Is Heavy On The Drama

But will we find out what happened on that plane?

The Veronicas in trailer for new reality show 'Blood Is For Life'

There’s no doubt about it: The Veronicas are an Australian institution.

Ever since they first crashed into the public consciousness back in 2004, the pair simply haven’t gone away. While other pop acts have been revealed as nothing but fads, flash in the pan distractions with limited staying power, the Origliasso twins have changed along with their audience.

That’s in part because of their music, which has remained on the very cutting edge — ‘Think of Me’, their latest single, sounds as fresh as a song dropped by a months-old band, not a decade-old one. And that’s in part because they are so eminently watchable, both onstage and off.

You just can’t peel your eyes off them. That’s true when they’re giving soul-bearing, intense interviews, and it’s true when they’re doing something as potentially attention-repulsing as getting into a lengthy and over-the-top spat with Qantas.

In fact, it’s precisely that skill at drawing the public’s eye that made their eventual migration over to reality television a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’. And the answer? This November, the month that their new new show Blood Is For Life premieres.

The show is touted as being an exploration of The Veronicas’ journey to becoming sisters again. That means this story will presumably be one with a happy ending. But that’s not the impression given by the trailer, which is almost entirely focused on The Veronicas falling apart, not coming back together.

More specifically, the trailer is obsessed with how much the pair love to fight. They fight while filming a little greeting on their phone, they fight at the hairdressers, and they fight in the car. Occasionally, they mention being quite fond of each other — there’s a quick shot of them hugging at the airport, for instance. Oh, and amidst these arguments, they also make music.

But yeah, best to go into this one expecting a lot of loud confrontations.

Watch the full trailer below: