The Veronicas Have Addressed That Awkward Fight On ‘Celeb Apprentice’

"We can’t believe we might actually need to preface this, but reality TV is highly edited."

the veronicas photo

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The Veronicas have released a short statement regarding their awkward on-air fight during the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice, telling fans not to believe everything that they see.

The duo — who are gearing up to release two albums in the coming weeks, GODZILLA and HUMAN — are appearing in the show alongside folks like Shaynna Blaze, Anthony Callea, comedian Ross Noble, and personal trainer Michelle Bridges.

The season kicked off Sunday night, and featured a challenge in which teams had to create and auction off a piece of “selfie-inspired art” (??). It all seemed to be going perfectly fine, until a moment during the Veronicas confessional.

The section was clearly heavily edited, so it’s unclear what happened in the run-up to the fight, but after fumbling a sentence and being corrected by Lisa, Jess Origliasso snapped. “Can you just say it please? My patience is getting thin,” she said. “It’s not important that I say this.”

“I’m just letting you know something, you’re being a bit much,” Lisa replied, before they continued to bicker about the line; you can watch it all here.

It was hardly the most devastating moment in reality TV (Tiffany Pollard says hello) but the “spat” caused a bit of a stir — the Daily Mail labelled it “twin-sanity“. So yesterday, the twin popstars addressed the blow-up on their Instagram stories.

“We can’t believe we might actually need to preface this, but reality TV is highly edited out of ‘context’ to amplify drama and narrative that suits the agenda,” they wrote. “Please use common sense and understand this is obviously not a transparent show — it’s a game show entertainment. The only ‘business’ in this show is the business of entertainment and drama. And because of that, a charity made 180k last night, which is the whole point here.”

In terms of Veronicas “spats”, it doesn’t quite live up to the time they went hell-for-leather at Qantas after being removed from a flight in 2019.