The Powerpuff Girls are Coming Back to Cartoon Network, But They’ll Probably Look Like This

Why can't everything still be the '90s?

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Everyone knows ’90s Cartoon Network was the shit. Growing up, your Saturday mornings were jam-packed with the likes of Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, and Angry Beavers; now their legacy only lives on in soul-destroying Buzzfeed quizzes, and disappointing re-makes. Well hold on to your cereal bowls, because you’re about to get one more of the latter.

Overnight it was confirmed that The Powerpuff Girls are coming back to Cartoon Network in 2016 — but we don’t exactly know what form they’ll be taking. At the moment it looks like this CGI special released in January was a tester for the oncoming series — and if that’s the case, our beloved Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are now some weird type of crossover anime. *Shakes fist begrudgingly at universe and yearns to have childhood back*

On the upside, the structure and characters are all about the same. Blossom’s still kind of self-righteous and annoying; Buttercup still has anger issues that she should seek help with; and Bubbles seems to always be doing something irrelevant and distracting… Why did I like this show again?

The special CGI episode was created with the help of the original voice actors, so fingers crossed they’re on board for the series too. Surprisingly, it also featured the voice of Ringo Starr as a flamboyant mathematician called Fibonacci Sequins, so maybe all hope isn’t lost. (Seriously, that’s maybe the greatest character name ever.)

If the new series even has half as many gratuitous Beatles cameos, we’ll happily get on board.