The ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Guys Went Crazy With Their Ingmar Bergman Influences

The collected promos for the upcoming ninth season, inspired by the Scandinavian art-film icon.

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, that cult sitcom about a bunch of hilariously jerk-y friends and their Irish pub, is due to return to TV screens in September for an unlikely ninth season. To help build excitement ahead of its premiere, the gang have produced a series of promos in the dry style of Swedish art-film icon, Ingmar Bergman, because, well, who the hell knows why? Amongst their lush black ‘n’ white shots, the videos feature, for example, Frank portraying The Seventh Seal‘s chess-playing Deaf, uh, Death, and Charlie playing a harp with a tuna fish.

For a show that regularly pushes the boundaries of ridiculousness, these are still especially nuts. We can only hope the entire season indulges such insanity even further. Oh, and to answer your surely forthcoming question: Yes, “slut” really does mean “the end” in Swedish. Who knew?





‘Det Suger’




‘The Scream’

‘Summer With Dennis’