Get Extremely Forking Excited: Here’s The First Scene From The Good Place Season 3

It's almost here!

The Good Place Season 3

Break out the froyo and bone up on your pop-philosophy, because we’re only a few weeks away from The Good Place Season 3, arguably the best show on TV right now. Eh, who am I kidding, it is the best show.

The Good Place, if you aren’t familiar and enjoy clicking on articles that provide sneak previews for the third season of a show you haven’t watched, is a very funny comedy by Mike Schur of Parks & Recreation fame. It’s about a group of loveable misfits who die.

The show got a bunch of attention after ending both series one and two with extremely dramatic and amazing twists. Season 3 will take place in an entirely different scenario than what we’re used to from the show. It will take place… on Earth.

Entertainment Weekly has been given the exclusive first scene from the season, which we can watch now to whet our appetite before it drops in full. We get to watch Michael being sent back to Earth to change the lives our Eleanor and all our favourites.

I cannot forkin’ wait.

The Good Place season 3 will drop on Netflix on Sept. 27 with a one hour premiere.