The Latest Sketch From ‘The Feed’ Exposes How Boring COVID Has Turned Us All

Watch Alex Lee's character try to defend going to Hungry Jacks for breakfast three days in a row

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The thought of contracting COVID-19 is scary for lots of reasons. We still don’t understand the long-term impacts of the virus; there’s a huge risk of passing it onto vulnerable people; plus, quarantine is extremely isolating.

That’s not the mention the sheer embarrassment of having to confess what you’ve been up to for the past two weeks.

Ok, it may not be the primary concern — but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t think about it.

You can fool Instagram, but you can’t fool the contact tracers who are going to find out one way or another that the beautiful restaurant meal you posted to your story on Friday night was actually delivered by UberEats and eaten in your pyjamas.

It’s definitely preferable to finding out you’ve just flown in from Melbourne, but still… a bit sad.

That’s the dilemma facing Alex Lee in a new comedy sketch from The Feed SBS, where Jenna Owen and Victoria Zerbst play judgey contact tracers.

Jenna opens by telling Alex there is no judgement, but they need to know everywhere she has been now that she’s been diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Where did you go? Yoga studios, restaurants, cafes…?” she asks.

“Um, I went to Hungry Jacks,” Alex says.

Not deterred, Jenna pushes forward by telling Alex they need to start from the beginning of her day — before realising that is in fact where she started her day.

“They do breakfast!” Alex declares, as the contact tracers raise their eyebrows.

“Ok, this does actually feel a bit judgey.”

Moving on to Thursday, and again the first stop of the day was Hungry Jacks — drawing a big “yikes” from Jenna — followed by a trip to the beauty salon.

“Hungry Jacks and then a wax. God, that’s a sad little poem,” Vic mutters.

“There’s not a lot on, on the old calendar actually for me right now,” Alex concedes.

After then having to admit to hitting up Hungry Jacks three days in a row, the contact tracers are actually excited to hear the newly-infected COVID-19 patient had contact with someone on Friday.

“He?” they say in unison, with both Jenna — “very nice!” — and Vic — “Get it girl, we like that!” — expressing their support and mutual relief at her suddenly not being the saddest person in the world.

That is, until they find out she spent the night with her ex.

“You know what is fun? Personal growth,” Vic says disapprovingly.

Now, a quick shout out to all those who are in fact going to yoga studios, restaurants and cafes — keep living your best (hopefully socially distant) life, until things start to get shut down again.