The Chaser Posed As ScoMo, JK Rowling, The Pope, And More On Twitter And It Was Gold

They woke up and chose MISCHIEF.


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Aussie comedy group, The Chaser woke up and chose mischief last night when they decided to use their restored blue tick privileges to tweet as various public figures.

After finally being awarded their coveted blue verification tick back, the folks over at The Chaser looked to see how quickly they could lose it. So, last night on their newly verified account, they adjusted their Twitter handle and began posing as various celebrities and members of the public eye.

Unfortunately, the tweets vanished after their account was temporarily suspended. Once restored, however, the team posted screenshots of their night’s work.

This included tweeting as Pope Francis, complete with pride avatar, “Happy Pride Month from all of us here at the Catholic Church.” They also tweeted a darkly satirical tweet as PM, Scott Morrison, commentating on the plight of the Tamil family from Biloela currently being held in detention.

“Jenny sat me down today and asked me to think about how the Biloela kids are just like our girls,” they tweeted, once again complete with ScoMo’s avatar. “She’s completely right and after a lot of reflection, I’ve deported my daughters to Nauru.”…Ouch.

Finally, the team also tweeted as Coco-cola. They tweeted, “Due to overwhelming customer demand we’re putting cocaine back in.”

According to Pedestrian, they also posed as Facebook founded Mark Zuckerberg. However, the tweets were lost with the temporary suspension of the account. Tragic.

This is not the first time the Chaser used their blue tick for mischievous purposes. During the 2020 election, they posed as Donald Trump and tweeted, “Don’t vote for me, I’m a massive idiot.” For this, their tick was taken.

At least after all this round of comedic Twitter crimes, the Chaser still got to keep the coveted blue tick. The account was restored shortly after 4am and tweeted, “1 hour of Twitter jail, a lifetime of memories.”