That Maniac Who Climbed A Skyscraper In Melbourne Made A Terrifying Ten-Minute Video Of It

Watch it here, so you NEVER have to do this yourself.

Remember Bryce Wilson, the guy who climbed up Melbourne’s 204-metre high Prima Pearl skyscraper in May and came back with pants-browningly terrifying footage like this?



In an interview with Junkee last month, Wilson (aka Drjft) gave a bit of insight into why in the name of sweet God he did it, saying: “I enjoy the thrill of saying to myself, ‘I’ve never done this before, I’ve never been this high.’ I like pushing myself. This is what I enjoy doing; it’s not about risking my life, it’s about pushing my body so that I don’t ever feel like I’m stagnating.”

Yep. Nah, me too.


Anyway, he strapped a couple of GoPros to himself as he was scaling one of Australia’s largest buildings/trying to get Batman’s attention, and the pick of the footage has been production-wizarded into a pretty excellent ten-minute mini-documentary by the dudes at PLGRM about the whole thing. It’s a pretty fascinating insight into urban exploration, the spirit of adventure, and being goddamn bananas. Have a watch if you’re okay with heights and are therefore a crazy bastard.