Terry Crews Has Given An Incredibly Powerful Speech About Toxic Masculinity And Sexual Assault

"As I shared my story, I was told over and over that this was not abuse."

Terry Crews

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews has spoken at a Senate Testimony, condemning toxic masculinity and talking about his own sexual assault in an incredible speech.

“Toxic masculinity permeates culture,” said Crews, recounting his own story of sexual assault by a Hollywood agent.

Crews accused agent Adam Venit of groping him at a party in 2016, and has used his platform to discuss predatory behaviour in Hollywood.

However, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office declined to prosecute Crews’ case as a felony, and the Los Angeles City Attorney said that a misdemeanour complaint fell outside the statute of limitations.

The actor and former NFL player spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee concerning a proposed legislation known as ‘The Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights’.

Crews said in his powerful speech, “The assault lasted only minutes, but what he was effectively telling me while he held my genitals in his hand was that he held the power. That he was in control.”

He continued: “This is how toxic masculinity permeates culture. As I shared my story, I was told over and over that this was not abuse. This was just a joke. This was just horseplay. But I can say one man’s horseplay is another man’s humiliation. And I chose to tell my story and share my experience to stand in solidarity with millions of other survivors around the world. That I know how hard it is to come forward, I know the shame associated with the assault. It happened to me.”

It’s worth watching the entire speech — he is both raw and eloquent, and shines a light on modern toxic masculinity.

“Anywhere where there is a power dynamic is where this problem is really rampant,” says Crews.