Taylor Swift’s New Version Of ‘Wildest Dreams’ Has Kicked Off A Wholesomely Horny TikTok Trend

Happy sexual awakenings to everyone.


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Taylor Swift released her version of ‘Wildest Dreams’ over the weekend and Tiktok has turned it into a horny yet wholesome trend, thanks to none other than Taylor herself.

The trend is simple enough, with users using ‘Wildest Dreams’ to showcase the moment they fell in love with their on-screen faves. Each TikTok starts with footage of a screen-hottie and then, using Tiktok’s slow zoom feature, cuts to a zoom-in of the user drooling.

The trend first came to my attention when TikTok’s famous personalised algorithm roasted the hell out of 10-year-old me’s (and current me, let’s be real) crush on Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) in Revenge of the Sith. Not to mention, another Tiktok, which represented my own childhood experience watching Kim Possible and Shego a little too accurately.

The most popular ones are, of course, nostalgic throwbacks. ‘POV: you’re 8 years old and see human Casper for the first time,’ one starts, ending with the user re-enacting their heart-eyes for human-Casper.

Other thirsty throwbacks include watching Aragorn striding into Rohan at THAT moment from The Two Towers, Brendan Fraser fresh out of the shower in George of the Jungle, and Haley Graham doing absolutely anything in Stick It.

The trend is a couple of days old and seems to have begun with (or at least was encouraged by) Taylor Swift herself. In a TikTok posted two days ago, Taylor is painting her nails red to hype up her ‘Red’ era and hears ‘Wildest Dreams’ playing in the distance. Cut to the slow zoom of Taylor in a blue dress, reminiscent of her ‘1989’ era and the rest is history.

Top TikToks under the ‘Wildest Dream’ trend also include this person failing to consume food because of Mr Darcy’s smile in 2005’s Pride and Prejudice, the first moment we see bearded Chris Evans in Avengers: Infinity War and the queer impact of Bend It Like Beckham.

It’s very rare I consider joining Tiktok at all, let alone joining to jump on a trend, but this one looks irresistibly fun.