Taylor Swift’s Team Have Blamed Her Private Jet Usage On Lending It To Friends

The jet was used 170 times in 209 days.

taylor swift

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Taylor Swift is the latest celebrity to be called out for her allegedly excessive private jet use after Kylie Jenner was dragged to hell for being a “climate criminal” last week.

According to a report from sustainability marketing agency Yard, Swift used her jet 170 times between January 1 and July 29 this year. That’s 170 flights in 209 days, which is — quite frankly — more times than I used my car in that time.

Swift’s jet accounted for 22,000 minutes (16 days) in the air, which is equal to 8,240 metric tonnes of carbon emissions. Ms Taylor Alison Swift really said you were tossing me the jet keys, fuck the climate.

Other celebrities on Yard’s list included Kim Kardashian, Travis Scott and Jay Z, while Kylie Jenner — who kicked off the whole jet-tracking saga — didn’t even make the top 10. However, her team has quickly refuted the claim by stressing that she regularly lends her jet out to other exorbitantly wealthy people to galavant around the globe, as if it matters.

“Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect,” a representative for Swift told TMZ.

It goes without saying that who is actually on the jet is far less important than the fact that the elite are seemingly killing the planet to avoid getting on the freeway.

But despite her explanation, Swift has still been dragged to hell and meme-d on social media for her habits.

Whether it’s Swift, or her rich friends, somebody is using a private jet more than most of us use our cars.