Taylor Swift’s Teenage MySpace Has Resurfaced, And It’s Simply Too Much

"It serves NO purpose but to make me look FUGLY" XD.

Taylor Swift's old MySpace comments and pictures resurface

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A handful of posts and pictures seemingly from Taylor Swift’s old MySpace from the mid-2000s have resurfaced, offering an insight into another time and pre-fame era, filled with cringe-inducing ‘inside jokes’ between high schoolers.

While the posts first popped up in 2016 thanks to BuzzFeed, they’ve again gone viral thanks to a Twitter thread by Swiftie @folkmoreloverrep.

First up, the pictures ooze mid-2000s: the digital camera mirror selfies! The overuse of Photo Booth filters!

Each photo belongs overwhelmingly to its time, except for one — there’s a wonderful shot of Swift with black hair looking tremendously emo, but unfortunately, it’s from a 2009 episode of CSI that she starred in. It was too good to be true.

But it’s the collection of comments a teenage Swift left on her friends’ walls that feels the most ’00s — remember how people used to have whole conversations in virtual public and reference bizarre inside ‘jokes’ in front of everyone to seem cool?

Of the bunch (and there’s a lot), our favourite has to be where Swift asks for a friend to take down a photo of her because it’s ‘gross’: “It serves NO purpose but to make me look FUGLY”, which also stands for a whole business model of paparazzi shots. Foreshadowing?

Find the lot here, and cringe at how familiar it all is.

Unfortunately, we can clarify that the second post — the one where Swift appears to be asking a boy out — is fake, but the rest appear to be real.