Australian Musician Troye Sivan Just Got A Huge Shoutout From Taylor Swift And Predictably Lost His Shit

"If this is real I'm gonna chop my legs off."

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Troye Sivan is a South African born, Perth-based YouTube star/actor/musician who has this week released his second EP Wild. Cultivating a huge fan base with online performance videos since 2007, Sivan has nearly 3 million followers on Twitter and an enormous body of work. As well as being an ARIA Award-winning musician, he’s also starred in a variety of theatre productions and was cast as baby Wolverine in X-Men Origins.

This is all a very roundabout way of saying I feel like a jerk for not knowing who he is.

At just 20 years old, Sivan openly jokes about the fact most of his fans are 14-year-old girls, and he was last year named by Time as one of the world’s 25 Most Influential Teenagers. However, this fan base may have now received a bit of an extra boost. Last night, Taylor Swift posted a message about his EP on both Twitter and Instagram to her 63 million followers.

He soon responded in the only way that is appropriate when Swift graces you with an acknowledgement of your presence.

It went on like this on multiple platforms before he finally responded to the initial message.

Then, Taylor responded and they’re pretty much best friends. This is how it happened with Lena Dunham, you guys. Taylor Swift can collect any one of us like baseball cards at any given moment.

All you have to do is be preternaturally talented, astronomically popular and young. Easy.