4 Reasons Why Tattoos Are The Perfect Form Of Self Expression

Whether silly or sentimental, calming or hilarious, tatts are great. We should all get on board.

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What we place on our body symbolises who we are – whether it’s the clothes we wear, piercings or the colour of our nail polish.

My tattoos are a physical manifestation of the person I am inside, and the kind of person I want others to see in me. They reflect who I am and what I believe in, as well as showing my passion and dedication to those values by permanently inking my skin. Through them, I’m able to celebrate my individuality and my personal identity.

Here’s a few more reasons why I think they’re the ultimate form of self expression.

#1 They Represent New Beginnings

Everyone has scars that remind them of their past, and some can even be quite traumatic. Tattoos can cover up bad memories by replacing them with something you love.

A friend of mine once told me the reason for the tattoo on her wrist was to cover up self-harm scars from her childhood. She said, “Putting art over my scars made me feel as though I was more than just my past. My past has beauty, not just pain.”

For some, tattoos are part of a healing process. An act of reclaiming their body.

#2 They’re Perfect Conversation Starters

If you’re the kind of person who shies away from initiating small talk, tattoos can do the talking for you. Being an awkward person myself, I love that my tattoos can spark up a conversation, give voice to my personality, and make me feel confident in my own skin.

Fellow tattoo enthusiast, Konnor Geel, says, “Tattoos are a way you can take pieces of your personality and put them on display for others to see.”

By expressing yourself through your tatts, you’ll bolster your self-esteem and feel braver, allowing you to admire and enjoy your own body.

#3 Let’s Not Forget That Tattoos Are Works Of Art

Tattooing is one of humanity’s most ancient forms of art and, in the last century, has made its debut in galleries, museums, auctions and tattoo conventions. Around the world, tattoo museums display tattoo artefacts from the machinery involved to the artwork itself. For example, the Triangle Tattoo and Museum in California US which was founded in 1986.

Like art, tattoos can have multiple meanings that can be open to the viewer’s interpretation. When a tattoo is designed, it is a unique piece of art created just for you which you keep forever.

Sarah Cubbage is another person who loves her ink, and she has a lot of thoughts on this. She says, “I didn’t get a tatt to be ‘fashionable’, rather it’s an expression and a little window to my soul. It’s exactly like spending hours on a drawing or project or whatever is personal to you. The end result is just a permanent reminder on your body, rather than on paper. That’s why I decided to ink.”

Your body is a canvas and tattoos are your masterpiece – embrace it!

#4 They Remind Us Of Who We Are

Tattoos are reminders of unique stories. Sure, it could be sentimental, or it could be a funny memory from a drunken night.

My first tattoo was a rose. Not only because I love roses but my middle name is Rose, I have English rose skin and my family is from England. My second tattoo is a little less sentimental: a candy heart I got with my friend on Valentine’s Day. Because why not? It may not have a deep meaning to it but it’s a memory. Tattoos can do this – offer a simple, yet pleasant reminder of those memories.

Sarah had a similar experience. “I got my tattoo mainly because I’ve always had a strong connection with trees,” she says. “I’ve always felt drawn to them and I feel very peaceful in nature. I chose to mark my body because it’s something special and symbolic to me and I like to be reminded of it when I look at my tatt.”

Whether silly or sentimental, calming or hilarious, tatts are great. Deal with it.

Jessica Checkland is studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Writing. She is an aspiring poet, nap enthusiast and book hoarder.