Sydney Has Another Real-Life Vigilante Superhero And He’ll Totally Kick Your Ass


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Only this morning we took a look at Zac Mihaljovic aka Sydney’s Batman, the guy who built a custom-made 1989-era Batmobile and gives free rides to sick kids. I was pretty pumped that Sydney had a real-life superhero, but it turns out we’ve got more superheroes than we know what to do with. We have an excess of superheroes. There is a superhero glut in Australia.\

Meet the Black Rat, a real-life vigilante-type dude who dresses in all-black body armour and roams the streets of Sydney’s inner west at night, lookin’ for bad guys to thwart and wrongs to right. He claims to have broken up two instances of serious domestic violence, both of which led to arrests, and stopped a home invasion. He’s highly trained in self-defence and his suit, the Rat Suit, is made of chainmail and some magical material that apparently absorbs blows so well it defies the laws of physics.

In a recent interview with Sneaky TV, the Black Rat demonstrated his nearly-impenetrable body armour by letting the interviewer whale on him with a baseball bat and a butcher’s knife, before showing how he could totally bet you up in like eight different ways.

Besides possibly demonstrating the only acceptable scenario in the 21st Century where it’s okay for a male human to wear a fedora, that video lends itself to some excellent gif-making. In these two, he is being stabbed in the chest by an insanely gleeful interviewer forever:

Here he is punching himself in the head forever:

And here he is hitting himself in the crotch with a stick forever:

(I felt kinda bad making those gifs, on a metaphysical level. Like, what if gifs have consciousness and I’m actually creating tiny little sentient versions of Black Rat that are just getting stabbed and hit in the balls forever? Am I playing God? No one man should have all that power.)

So yep. If some creep is giving you grief in the backstreets of Newtown, maybe yelling “Save me, Black Rat!” will bring this dude running. It’s worth a shot.

(For real, though, don’t do that. Call the cops, they’re also pretty good at this “fighting crime” stuff.)

Feature image via Sneaky TV/YouTube.