Please Enjoy This Terribly Cringe Video Of Steve Aoki Stopping A Gig To Show Off His NFT

"NFTs make me feel like a kid again," Aoki proudly declared to the totally disinterested crowd.

Steve Aoki shows off NFT in the middle of a gig

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Steve Aoki is the latest artist to jump onto the NFT trend, stopping a gig to show off his brand new non-fungible token.

He’s one of many musicians to have fully embraced the new trend in the digital art world. After all, who can forget when Kings Of Leon jumped on the bandwagon all the way back in March of 2021, releasing a limited series of tokens to promote their brand new album?

Non-fungible tokens are simple in their premise. They’re essentially any form of content that are sold and distributed online, with proof of purchase listed on an international blockchain. It’s like a kind of digital receipt, one that marks how art is changing hands digitally.

As has been widely documented since they first became mainstream, NFTs come with a significant downside. A way to purchase and share art online, they consume a huge amount of energy, making them a dangerous proposition in a new and warming world.

They’ve also been struggling with the fact that most NFTs, in short, don’t look particularly good. This trend might make more sense if the art being sold was spectacular, but most of the images are strange, child-like drawings with limited commercial appeal.

But try explaining that to Aoki, who seemed more than happy to completely embrace the non-fungible token. Not only has the man-made it his profile picture on Twitter, he’s also showing it off in person, to presumably quite confused and disinterested audiences.

I mean, look at this crowd, and tell me if you can see an NFT fan amongst them? Or, perhaps more pertinently, someone who could even afford to buy the art that the musician is proudly showing off?

“I have to show you,” Aoki declares, without a hint of self-awareness, “because I’m so fucking excited.”

“NFTs make me feel like a kid again,” Aoki proudly declared. Yeah buddy, you might want to take a closer look at that, to be honest.