‘Star Wars’ May Have Confirmed A Cute And Sweet Theory About The Millennium Falcon

(extreme weeping in robot)

Solo: A Star Wars Story is ostensibly about the early days of a young Han Solo on his way to becoming the suave and charming flyboy that we know and love from the original trilogy — but the film is actually about something far more important. The Millennium Falcon.

As we all know, The Millennium Falcon is the fast-yet-ramshackle space ship that Han won from Lando Calrissian in a game of chance (that’s not a spoiler, we discover that in the original trilogy. Calm down. Leave me alone).

However **SPOILERS**, it looks like Solo has shed some backstory on the iconic ship, and it’s kinda extremely sad. Or nice? I don’t know.

In Solo, we are introduced to Lando’s co-pilot, the sassy abolitionist droid, L3-37. It’s also strongly inferred that Lando is fucking the robot, and that’s hot, honestly. As she says “we are compatible”.

After realising her life’s ambition of successfully leading robot rebellions, which is WOKE as fuck, L3-37 tragically gets shot into near un-functionality. She basically dies. Then, incredibly grossly, in order to escape from the spice mines of Kessel, they cannibalise her brain and plug her navigation functions into the Falcon.

And now a lot of people now believe that L3-37’s consciousness lives on inside the Millennium Falcon, which is justified by certain references to the ship’s idiosyncrasies in the later films, such as C-3PO’s famous line from the Empire Strikes Back: “I don’t know where your ship learned to communicate, but it has the most peculiar dialect.”

If this is true, it could have been L3-37 who warned Artoo about the faulty hyperdrive too.

Anyway, the official Star Wars Twitter account has been tweeting some sneaky little things that practically confirm this theory. No wonder Lando loves that ship.