The Star Casino Has Been Fined A Measly $5000 For Breaching COVID-19 Rules

A group of friends who ordered KFC were fined $26,000 last week.

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Sydney’s Star Casino will be fined $5000 for breaching COVID-19 public health orders, so I guess it’s time for them to start digging under the couch cushions.

Yesterday we learnt that someone who had visited the casino on July 4 has tested positive for COVID-19.

Hours later Liquor & Gaming NSW said it would find the casino after groups of people were seen mingling and drinking on Saturday.

To put the icing on the cake, Liquor & Gaming’s director of compliance Dimitri Argeres said The Star Casino was aware of its obligations because they’ve had to pay them a visit twice in the last two weeks.

“The fine follows a third inspection on the weekend where we witnessed further breaches of the COVID-19 Safety Plan,” he said. “We want to send a strong message that businesses must manage these risks to ensure individual patrons and the community are protected.”

Mmm, yes, a $5000 fine for a business with a market cap of $2.55 billion — in the 2018/19 financial year they literally spent $240 million doing up their lobby and porte cochere. Way to hit them where it hurts.

It may as well be six years ago, when the casino was conveniently exempt from the city’s strict lockout laws.

Last week a $5,500 fine was handed to the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay after a photo of a large queue of people were photographed basically breathing down each others necks while waiting to get inside.

That means that together, the Golden Sheaf and The Star Casino have paid less for breaching the COVID-19 rules than the people at a Melbourne birthday party who were busted after two of them were spotted ordering 20 KFC meals. The people at that party will have to pay $26,000 worth of fines.

It’s also less than the group of six Victorians who lied on their border crossing forms while trying to get into Queensland — they were fined $24,000.

Sydney is currently praying it doesn’t follow in Melbourne’s footsteps after a number of clusters emerged in recent days — there were 14 new cases reported in the 24 hours to 8pm last night.

In response, the NSW government last night reintroduced some restrictions, with pubs and clubs limited to 300 patrons and and tougher rules around collecting contact tracing details.