The Best Memes About This Year’s Truly Chaotic Spotify Wrapped

"You can hide your emotional state from your friends, therapist, even yourself. But you cannot hide from Spotify."

Spotify Wrapped Memes 2021

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The most wonderful, and revealing, time of year is finally here — Spotify Wrapped day! The day where a bunch of data exposes all of us for who we really are, which is usually very sad or very horny.

As per usual, Spotify revealed the most streamed artists and songs of the year and promptly followed that with Spotify Wrapped: a personalised annual summary of their subscribers listening habits to reveal our top songs, artists, genres and podcasts. And as a treat this year, we even got a couple of new features in 2021.

For example, Spotify introduced a new section of Wrapped called Audio Aura, which creates a colour image based on the energy your listening habits exude.

Spotify also presented the personalised data as a “movie soundtrack” for you, the main character. This feature picked out particular songs that would play for big moments in your own movie like the “opening credits theme”, “as a single tear drops into your reflection in the pond”, “as you score the game-winning point at the buzzer” and while “you defeat the ancient vengeful spirit” — real specific stuff.

But most people agree that the weirdest part of Spotify Wrapped this year actually wasn’t the chaotic graphic designed used throughout. Rather, it’s just how many damn 2021 buzzwords were shoved into this year’s wrap up — something I guess the Spotify Wrapped copywriters thought was a totally on fleek move, bae. No cap. OKURRR? PURRRR. Big vibes.

However, no matter how confusing some of Spotify’s choices were or how embarrassing some of our listening habits are, at least Spotify users can sleep easy knowing that we can always rely on the annual wrap to keep us humble and remind us of our seasonal depression — something Apple Music subscribers only wish they could do.

So here are the best memes about Spotify Wrapped this year:

And if you’re second-guessing posting your results, forget everyone else. Always post your Spotify Wrapped results. If no one else cares, I do.