The Best Memes And Reactions To This Morning’s Great Spotify Meltdown

Turns out it was all Facebook's fault.

spotify crashed photo

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This morning, Spotify crashed. You might have heard something about that, on the account of the fact that the entire internet had a meltdown.

Quickly, the blame was pinned squarely on Facebook. See, a bunch of apps — including Spotify, Tik Tok and Venmo — all rely on the social media giant’s software development kit (SDK). That means when you log-in to Spotify, the app will also open Facebook, which it feeds off for “advertising insights.” Sounds bad, imo.

Anyway, a bug with the Facebook SDK meant that Spotify users around the world found that they couldn’t log in to the music streaming service without it immediately crashing.

How did they deal? How do you think? By making a bunch of memes about it, and generally treating the whole thing like the complete circus that it was:

The author and environmentalist Wendell Berry once said that we have become “mere” consumers, helpless unless we are being supported by the big corporations that dominate every minute of our lives. I always thought that he was talking about the corporations that clothe and feed us.

I guess I never realised that unless I can listen to Emperor’s In The Nightside Eclipse literally whenever I want, I will feel as helpless and lost as a sticky child wandering about the packed floor of a supermarket.