Two Punters Managed To Sneak Into Splendour In A Wheelie Bin

Well, that's one way to do it.

Splendour in the Grass 2018

As Splendour in the Grass took over our Instagram feeds over the weekend, many of us were left with major FOMO.

There’s only a certain number of music festivals your bank balance can accommodate, right? Of course, you could jump the fence, but that’s definitely against the rules and the police will come down hard on you for that — they even flagged to punters in the lead up to Splendour that they were going to target jumpers.

But, as one industrious YouTuber discovered, there is a way to get around the whole ‘needing a ticket’ thing: hide inside a wheelie bin and get your friend to dress up as a volunteer so he can wheel you in. Michael Fallon and his mate put this method to the test over the weekend, and (somewhat incredibly) it worked.

Watch the whole plan unfold below. (Of course, Music Junkee does not endorse jumping in a bin to illegally enter festivals. But you know, points for creativity.)

This article first appeared on Punkee