Bask In The Cursed Energy Of The Sorority Girl Meme That’s Sweeping The Internet

"We've been waiting for you all summer and we're so glad you're finally here!"

Sorority Girl meme

I’m not sure what a sorority is, but I believe it may be a portal to hell. That is what the utterly terrifying ‘sorority girl meme’ has taught me.

There’s a good chance you’ve already seen the video in question. It’s been around before. This article is not for you, meme archivist!

The video isย already crackling with grim voodoo, a perfect window into a nightmare world, of blonde wiggling fingers inviting you into their world of despair. We stan!

Look, just watch it again. It’s horrific.

Say it with me: “We’ve been waiting for you all summer, and we’re SO glad you’re finally here!”


Boom-boom indeed.

BUT, because humanity is drawn to tinker with even forces best left untouched, people have started fiddling with the original video, making some dang funny memes.

A lot of them are just acknowledging the concentrated dark energy inside this meme.

But others have actually moved past the nightmare situation, and made it slap!

Some people are just getting real specific with it.

Or, if you’ve seen Jordan Peele’s Us,ย please enjoy this. He certainly did.