Is This $2.5 Million House Filled With Sockets A Nightmare Or A Dream?

I had to look at it now you do too.

socket house meme

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The internet is going crazy over this £1.35 million house and its alarming number of wall sockets.

The totally normal-looking home is a five bedder with three bathrooms in Middlesex, Greater London which justifies the price, I guess.

The home does have some great features like a big beautiful kitchen and a back conservatory filled with natural light and windows. Beautiful!

But if you look closer at the conservatory you start to notice that something isn’t quite right in this house. Toby Davies noticed the same thing after stumbling on the property listing on Right Move. So he tweeted about the home and its sockets, and the internet went into meltdown.

“Thinking about buying this house, but I’m not sure it has enough plug sockets,” he quipped.  As it turns out the majority of the house is absolutely FILLED with wall sockets.

I’m not talking one or two extra either. It is absolutely drowning in sockets.

Beyond being absolutely baffled by the sheer number of sockets, people began to speculate why any home would ever need this many.

The consensus on the very cursed house is torn. People either hate the sockets because they don’t understand the need…

…or they absolutely love the idea of more wall sockets in a world where there’s never enough.

According to Liverpool Echo, not even the current home owners understand what’s going on with their electrical wiring. Real estate agents Andrew Pearce explain that their client “purchased the house in 2014 in its current form, and commented that when furniture is in place the sockets are less visible.” They continued, phones have been “ringing off the hook” since Davis’ tweet.

Phew. Well I can sleep well at night now knowing that the solution to the insane socket house is just to shove furniture everywhere and pray no one notices.