This Raccoon Is Climbing A Skyscraper And Oh God, We Hope It’s Okay

It's on another level.

skyscraper raccoon

Right now in Minnesota, a humble raccoon has taken on a lofty challenge: it’s scaling a skyscraper, and we’re all really worried about it.

How did things come to this? Apparently the poor thing’s been stuck on a ledge of the building for a few days now, and seems to have decided the only way it could go from there was up.

Really far up, in fact. Here’s a picture from an office worker in the 13th floor, showing the little guy still steadily climbing.

And here’s what that looks like from the extremely terrifying outside:

The Fire Department has been trying to rescue it, but with the raccoon stuck on the outside of the building there’s not a lot they can do given that the windows don’t open. They’ve reportedly left cat food on the building’s rooftop in the hope the smell will lure the little dude up there to be rescued, but that’s still a real long climb.

The raccoon has developed quite the following on Twitter, and people are understandably pretty worried for it. James Gunn, director of iconic raccoon film Guardians of the Galaxy, has even promised to donate $1000 to the non political charity of choice for anyone who can save Skyscraper Raccoon.

Anyway, if you were looking for a stressful summit to follow intently today, you’ve got it. Power to you, little raccoon. We hope you make it to the top safely.