Sky News Had The Absolute Worst Take On The Thai Cave Rescue

Thank coal, not gender diversity, apparently.

Thailand cave rescue

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The rescue of 12 young boys and one adult from a cave system in Thailand really showcased the best of humanity. As we all watched on, experts from around the world gathered to put their heads together to get those kids out safely. They were aided by hundreds of volunteers providing food and shelter.

For 18 days, the whole world was pulling in one direction. We all wanted them saved, and finally last night, they were. It is an unequivocally good story.

Step forward, Sky News.

As captured by the Executive Director of the Australia Institute, Ben Oquist, the cable news channel isn’t thanking the team of Navy SEAL divers who risked their lives to get the kids out. They’re not thanking the indomitable human spirit. They’re not even thanking Elon Musk.

No, they’re thanking western civilisation and a lack of gender-fluid divers (???). Check it out for yourself.

The faithful words were uttered by none other than Rowan Dean, who recently had to apologise for slut shaming Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

“Those kids would not be alive if those pumps had been powered by windmills and solar panels, if they hadn’t had western technology in there, if they hadn’t had western expertise,” Dean said.

“It wasn’t a bunch of gender fluid divers that went down there. It wasn’t a bunch of touchy-feely identity politics, diverse and inclusive, unconscious bias that saved those boys lives. It was solid western know-how and technology.”

You got that? Only western civilisation could have saved those kids. It definitely had nothing to do with the team of expertly trained Thai Navy SEAL divers, or the Thai officials who coordinated the effort. Thank god for the west swooping in to save the day.

Peak Sky News.