Sky News’ Laura Jayes Has Called Out Eddie McGuire’s History Of Bigotry

"Why do we give voice to idiots and nutjobs?"

Eddie McGuire

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Collingwood President and 14-year-old boy Eddie McGuire continues to face the consequences of his latest foray into gronkdom. After McGuire’s comments about holding sports journalist Caroline Wilson underwater last week caught media attention, major Collingwood sponsor Holden has sought a meeting with the club to discuss “the future of our partnership”.

But as anyone even remotely familiar with McGuire knows, this isn’t his first time at the rodeo. From calling Victorian Sports Minister John Eren a “Turkish-born Mussie” to suggesting that Adam Goodes could play an ape in a musical to making Jessica Rowe’s life “hell” at Channel Nine, McGuire has serious form when it comes to being an entitled manbaby with a pack of cretinous hangers-on and a microphone.

It’s that pattern, more than this latest incident itself, that’s drawn the ire of Sky News presenter Laura Jayes. Yesterday on her program The Latest, Jayes questioned by people like McGuire are still given a platform and public respect despite their constant failure to earn it.

“When you are as powerful as he, when you have the profile he enjoys and the media platform to have significant influence, he needs to be held to a higher standard,” Jayes said.

“The bullying and intimidation of a female journalist in a male-dominated arena being fobbed off as a bit of ‘banter’ is the most offensive part of it all.

“Whether Eddie likes it or not, he has a special responsibility. He clearly sees it as his job to be controversial and entertaining. The sad truth is he’s supported by a Praetorian guard of enablers who pay lip service to such incidents, but only when shamed into doing so.

“Why do we give voice to idiots and nutjobs?”