Six Vines that don’t deserve to die

When Vine first launched in 2013, naysayers said a six-second video platform was pointless. Little did they anticipate the hilarity and oddity the app would bring to our lives. It's spawned careers (can you say, “Damn Daniel”?) and its own cast of celebrities. But more than that, it was just a hilarious way to kill some free time.

However, with Twitter’s recent announcement that they are discontinuing Vine, suddenly those six-second timespans seem all the more precious. The Vine website will remain as an archive of the app that was, but soon we'll never again be able to do it for the Vine.

There are so many iconic Vines floating around the Internet, it's hard to pick a favourite. While arguably the entire app doesn't deserve to be axed, here are six Vines that were meant for so much more than their untimely demise.


We’re talking ‘80s music and dogs – two penchants of the internet combine in this adorable tribute to Phil Collins’ song. This one goes out to everyone who likes to pretend-play piano along to music (yes, I'm looking at you).

Blocking out the haters

Inspirational, yet achievable. Brandon Bowers shows us that you don't need fancy motivational techniques, snappy comebacks or even unshakeable self-esteem to beat the haters – just a pair of plastic spoons.

Me at school

Sleepy toddler or drunk uni student? Is there even a difference? Is there even anyone in the world who can't relate when this kid cries “nap”?

“Hey Ladies”

What about dogs and ‘70s music? This Shiba has the strut absolutely down, and he knows it. Much groovy. Wow.

That one student that leaves you hanging when you need the answers to the test…

This Vine is probably the most special to me because it was one of the first Vines I ever saw, or maybe because it's total high school feels. Or Big Sean. Probably Big Sean.

Summary of a party I went to last night

This Vine reminds me of this Horse Ebooks tweet

Just so much happening.

Which Vines would you keep forever?

Chelsea Paisley

Chelsea is studying International Studies at the University of Sydney, but has a lot more contact hours with Netflix.