6 Signs That You And Your BFF’s Friendship Is Indestructible

Shout out to our ride or dies.

Feeling a little bit rocky ever since your bestie finished off your jar of nutella? Not sure whether your friendship can survive?

Here are a few signs to confirm whether you and your BFF will make it through anything and be soul mates forever.

#1 You Never Worry About Owing Each Other Money

Do you guys often find yourselves saying, “I’ll get your coffee today – you bought me those chips the other day”? Or something along those lines? If so, that’s a good indication you have a decent dollop of trust and commitment between you two.

You never have to worry about them being one of those “friends” who pretends they don’t owe you money. Plus you know you’ll be catching up soon enough to be able to repay the favour.

#2 There’s No Awkward Silences

How relaxing does it feel to be with a friend you feel completely comfortable around? Your true BFF is someone to embrace your silences with when you’ve run out of words (or when one of you is just talking crap and has been told to shut up by the other). There’s never any forced weather-talk and you don’t feel ashamed to whip out your phones to scroll through your insta feeds side by side.

#3 You Don’t Get Embarrassed Around Them

Just need some alone time? Need a tampon? Need to poop? No need to fear when you’re in the company of your trusty BFF. You can be totally transparent around them because there’s nothing you could do to feel ashamed . Fart with pride. Steal their cake when they’re not looking. Take a dress from their closet and promise to give it back later. No regrets.

#4 They’ve Seen You At Your Worst

It’s easy to be a best friend during the smooth parts of life, but being the friend who sticks by your side through thick and thin takes dedication. They were your shoulder to cry on you during the fuckboy Sean episode and had your back when that traitor Britney was a total B. You can always have a good rant to them without the fear of being judged.

#5 You Can Go To Them For The Best Advice

They know your intentions and you trust their judgement enough to know they won’t pretend that the orange dress looks flattering on you, or that giving Sean a fourth chance is an excellent idea. Honesty is at the forefront of your friendship.

#6 You Don’t Always Need To Be Talking

You know that best friend you can go for weeks at a time without speaking to, or even months at a time without seeing them, and yet when you guys get in contact again it’s as if nothing ever changed? They’re the special ones.

You may both need PowerPoint slides and cue cards to catch each other up on the stuff they’ve missed out on, but it still feels extremely familiar between the two of you when you reconnect. You guys know that life sometimes gets in the way and are confident in knowing that your relationship will make it through anything.

Hold on to these beauties in your life and never take them for granted.

(Lead image: Broad City/Comedy Central)