Feast Your Eyes On This Video Of Seven Foot Tall Shaquille O’Neal Going Ham In A Belgian Moshpit

Shaq annihilated the moshpit at Tomorrowland.

Shaquille O'Neal at Tomorrowland

Picture this: you’re an attendee of Belgium’s Tomorrowland Music Festival. You’ve supped a few beers, spent some time in the sun with your mates, and crawled into the mosh, ready for a bit of a boogie. Then, suddenly, you feel the presence of someone standing behind you, turn slowly, and see the looming figure of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal.

Yup, because 2019 is confusing, and sad, and strange, and occasionally glorious, Shaq himself deigned to dance in the front row of a moshpit at one of the most celebrated events on the techno calendar.

Shaq wasn’t just an attendee, mind you. Since retiring from basketball, the seven foot tall gentle giant has tried his hands at a number of occupations, including DJ’ing. Performing under the name DJ Diesel, O’Neal spent an hour behind the decks at Tomorrowland, spinning tunes and generally looking like a man who has stumbled onto something that he really, really loves. You can watch his whole performance here, and you should, because it’s lovely.

Hours later, not quite done with the fun, Shaq decided to get right in the thick of it while London duo Modestep took to the stage. Variously filmed bopping about in a pit and standing right at the front, throwing water around and shrieking like a man possessed, O’Neal had more fun than any of us will have in our entire lives.

Feast your eyes, for instance, on this instantly legendary clip:

Or this equally moving 14-second long snippet of pure joy:

So, let this be the lesson for you: take your instruction from the energy pouring off Shaq’s towering frame into your life and live every single second of the rest of your days with his exuberance, joy and integrity.