Scott Morrison Responds To Chicken Curry Backlash, Insists It Wasn’t Raw As Hell

"People went back for seconds."

Scott Morrison Curry

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Scott Morrison has responded to criticism that he served his wife and two daughters undercooked chicken in a viral post of his curry dinner.

The Prime Minister shared a piccie of his family meal on Sunday night of a chicken korma and brinjal curry with rice, alongside the caption, “Strong Curry. Strong Economy. Stronger Future.”

“That chicken korma looks like absolute dog shit,” a tweet criticised of ScoMo’s dinner. “How the fuck is it that colour? Did you forget turmeric? And paprika? And chilli? We’re looking at raw chicken and yoghurt.”

Morrison went on Melbourne’s Fox FM radio on Tuesday morning to address the concerns once and for all by saying the raw chicken allegations were “absolutely untrue”. “People went back for seconds. It was in the pan for a good 45 minutes — I can tell you because I had it there myself,” he told host Fifi Box.

He also shut down rumours that he has personal chefs and marketing people whip up the dishes he posts on his social media accounts, saying that he cooked the dinner himself and had a whale of a time doing it — which clears things up but makes it no less concerning.

The keyboard warrior also defended his meal on Facebook, telling a commenter that “I can reassure you, the chicken was cooked”, with the nice added touch of a thumbs up emoji.

“I like to cook,” said Morrison to reporters on Saturday while picking out ingredients for the cursed meal. “That and swimming. Keeps me sane.”

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Photo Credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images