Scott Morrison’s Terrible Campaign Bus Is Already A Meme, Enjoy!

The vengeance bus is coming.

Scott Morrison's new campaign bus is already a meme.

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It’s been less than 24 hours since Scott Morrison unveiled his terrible, no good new campaign bus, and naturally, the whole thing’s already a meme.

Unless you’re the Labor Party, that is, which apparently didn’t get the memo that the bus is bad and has instead opted to grumble about how ScoMo plagiarised Shorten’s own bad bus. Sam Dastyari also seems to be taking credit for the Prime Minister’s bad social media videos in this tweet, which is generous of him?

Anyway, thanks to the Coalition’s uninspired and very simple blue bus design, it’s actually very easy to replace ScoMo’s weirdly underlined slogan with anything you want. Australians have wasted no time updating the bus with slogans that better befit the Liberal Party right now, like these:

One particularly inspired punter has also rewritten the Vengaboys classic “We Like To Party” to fit this bus, which will henceforth be known as the “Vengeance Bus”.

Anyway, if you would also like to add your own slogan to the Vengeance Bus, we’ve made it even easier for you — here’s a version of the bus with all text removed, ready for your slogans:

Scott Morrison bus without text.

Scott Morrison’s new campaign bus, terrible slogans removed.

Honestly, why do politicians even bother customising buses these days? We all know how this will end.

Feature image via Gold Coast Laborista on Twitter