Scott Ludlam Has Left Parliament But He Hasn’t Stopped Roasting Dickheads

A brief rundown of the former senator's best takedowns.

It’s now more than four months since Greens Senator Scott Ludlam left parliament after discovering he’s a dual citizen with New Zealand, setting off a chain reaction that still might bring down the government.

And while Ludlam might be gone, he’s certainly not forgotten. And that’s mostly because his social media feeds are still very active, cranking out savage roasts, holding the government to account and generally just shit-stirring.

If anything, Ludlam’s absence from parliament has freed him up to say what he really thinks (hint: he thinks the government is not very good). So sit back and enjoy a little trip down memory lane as we bring you Scott Ludlam’s greatest moments since leaving parliament.

It All Started When He Was Forced To Resign, Which Was Sad :(

But He Quickly Got Behind His Replacement

(While taking a crack at people everywhere who can’t spell his name.)

But Then The Shit Really Started To Hit The Fan

Ludlam’s tone took quite a shift as more and more MPs got caught up in the citizenship saga he’d started.

And you could tell he was having too much fun, especially when government minister Matt Canavan blamed his mum for his dual citizenship.

Then It Was Malcolm Roberts’ Turn

And He Kept Doing What He’d Always Done Best: Holding The Government To Account

By This Point He Wasn’t Copping Shit From Anyone

Mark Latham Copped A Roasting

Then Barnaby Joyce Was Revealed As A Dual Citizen And It Was Too Much

And Because He’s Got A Long Memory, Ludlam Roasted People Weeks After They’d Tried To Roast Him

And He Just Kept Having So Much Fun

One Nation Also Copped It

He Let Us All Know What He Thought Of Parliament’s New Security Fence

He Voted Yes, While Letting Us Know What He Thought Of The Postal Survey

He Kept Having Fun With The Citizenship Saga

He Sledged Malcolm Turnbull

He Sledged The Whole Government tbh

He Sledged James Paterson AGAIN

He Sledged George Brandis

He Sledged Labor

He Sledged Trump

And He Sledged News Corp

I Get The Sense He’s Quite Enjoying Watching The Whole Shitshow

So I guess the point is, Scott Ludlam may be gone from the parliament, but he continues to do what we always loved him for: calling bullshit on people in power, and roasting dickheads online.

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