The Scoobies Got Back Together For A ‘Buffy’ Reunion Shoot, Prepare For Some Feelings!

A few were notably absent.

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The cast of Buffy have reunited for the first time in over a decade, to celebrate the groundbreaking show’s 20-year anniversary (as well as the fact that most of them haven’t aged a goddamn day).

Creator Joss Whedon joined stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Allison Hannigan, Nicholas Brennan, David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters, Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson, Seth Green, Alexis Denisof and Kristine Sutherland for a phot shoot for Entertainment Weekly. Sadly absent were Anthony Head, Eliza Dushku and Marc Blucas — although for real are we that disappointed that Riley wasn’t there?

“This is surreal,” said Whedon. “This is like a high school reunion but much worse because they all still look really great. I was hoping some of them would puff out a bit.”

Of the lasting impact the show has had, on both fans and pop culture more generally, Gellar said that she was “incredibly proud of what we all created. Sometimes you need distance to really understand the gravitas of that. I appreciate everything about that job. As an actor, all you ever want to do is leave your mark — you want to do something that affects people.”

You can check out the photos here, and watch a video from the shoot below.

Gellar also took over the EW Instagram account to share some behind the scenes images from the shoot, and this is seriously making me feel like I was 14 again. I wanted nothing more than to be friends with these guys. Still do tbh.

I love these goofballs! @sethgreen @emmacaulfieldofficial -@sarahmgellar #BuffyTheVampireSlayer #Buffy

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A couple of the Scoobies also shared photos of their own.

As for the reaction from fans… it was about what you’d expect.