This Guy Does The Most Hilariously Perfect Impersonation of Schmidt From ‘New Girl’ In Isolation

"No! Winston, you can't make any more toilet paper mummies. God, we're trying to conserve, it's like none of you people have ever played Catan."

New Girl TikTok

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New Girl, a show about a bunch of wholesome weirdos who live together, would be an ideal vehicle for a season about being stuck in pandemic isolation.

I mean, we rarely see them leave their loft anyway, and all the best episodes are about them slowly spiralling from base level eccentricity into true and brilliantly funny mania. I often think of their invented drinking game, “True American”, which is just about drinking and shouting — now that would be a fun night of quarantine.

Jeremy Wenick, who goes by the TikTok handle jerwenick has gone a step further, and has used his wickedly precise impersonation of Schmidt to imagine what it would be like for the New Girl cast in lockdown. And I cannot stress just how spot-on this parody is.

“No! Winston, you can’t make any more toilet paper mummies. God, we’re trying to conserve, it’s like none of you people have ever played Catan.”

“I can’t even get my suits dry-cleaned. I look so wrinkly, I look like Winston after one of his baths. Disgusting heathens!”

Jeremy is a college student currently attending Emerson College in Boston, MA, as a part of their Comedic Arts program, who loves acting and comedy writing, and hopes to “pursue a career that marries those two passions in some way.”

Talking to Junkee, Jeremy told us that he’s “always been someone who picks up on mannerisms and vocal quirks pretty easily. Schmidt is already such an eccentric character, so an impersonation attempt was bound to happen eventually.”

He says that impersonating Schmidt has been a party trick of his for a couple of years now.

You can just feel the Schmidt rising off these lines, even written down, let alone performed with the poise and gusto that he manages to deliver.

One of the best parts of New Girl is how imitable each character from — Schmidt and Nick in particular having an extremely identifiable cadence, and are easily and frequently quotable. One of my favourite Schmidt quotes is:

“Well, you have found my flabbergast button, and guess what? You’ve pressed it.”

New Girl is a show with so much heart, and I quickly found myself growing attached to the characters during my first watch,” Jeremy explained to us.

“The show is also just a masterclass in hilarious one-liners, many of which are delivered by Max Greenfield’s Schmidt. I’ve watched the show so many times over and I catch myself laughing at different jokes every time.”

Honestly, New Girl — come back and make seven more seasons and hire this guy as a writer, honestly.

Anyway, go follow Jeremy on TikTok, and watch more of his videos, they’re great, and there’s a bunch of other New Girl themed ones too.

New Girl is currently streaming in Australia on SBS on Demand.