A Gold Coast “Low-Tox, Hi-Vibe” Salon Is Refusing Service To Anyone Who Has Had The Vaccine

The Khemia HI Vibe Frequency Salon thinks the "1000s of reported side effects" of the COVID vaccine will get transmitted to staff and other customers.

Khemia HI Vibe Frequency Salon Vaccine

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A hair salon based in Gold Coast has told their clients that they “are not your hairdresser” if you have had the COVID vaccine

Khemia HI Vibe Frequency Salon, a self-described “holistic hi vibe salon which harmonises the mind and body”, has decided to refuse service to anyone vaccinated in the interest of the “health and safety” of their staff and clients as the “unknown health effects of the mRNA vaccine are not covered by our public liability insurance”.

The social media post, featuring a generic image of a needle, claimed that there have been “1000s of reported side effects” that the salon took into consideration when deciding to refuse service to the vaccinated.

Khemia notes that these alleged side effects include “unusual signs and symptoms within the menstrual cycle, such as heavy bleeding, flooding, clotting and sporting [sic] at times in the cycle when it’s not normal to do so, seizures, blood clotting, bruising within the legs and so on”.

“We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience to you. However the safety of our staff and existing clients is our priority,” the post concluded before asking anyone who books to notify staff of their vaccination status prior.

“We will re-evaluate our policy when clinical trials of the experimental injection are completed in 2023.”

Khemia Salon’s post has been labelled with “missing context” after the Australian Associated Press fact-checked the post and noted it could mislead people. This is because there has been no evidence to support the alleged “reported side effects” listed by salon owner Yazmina Adler — the same woman who made headlines in 2019 for claiming she cured her severe period pain by smearing period blood on herself.

Speaking to 9 News, Adler added to her unverified claims by noting that she had actually heard women “reporting side effects when they haven’t even had the shot” yet, as though the vaccine could affect anyone who came near someone else who had received the shot.

“From what I am reading and hearing, it’s coming through sweat, it’s coming through spit, it’s coming through the air,” she continued on 7 News.

While a number of anti-vaxxers supported Adler’s efforts in the comments under the post, others called out the baffling nature of the salon’s claims.

“This is the largest echo chamber of stupidity I have ever seen,” wrote one person.

“How can you be a hairdresser if all your customers are wearing tin foil hats? Do you have something in your paint to protect them when they take it off?” noted another.

“You seem to have misspelt Kooks Crazy’s and Flatearthers salon incorrectly,” added someone else.

In response, Yazmina Adler posted a number of follow-ups on the Khemia Salon Instagram page to say that she is “standing in my full integrity for what I believe”.

“I do a lot of work around connecting in with intuition and the body, and my body is just going ‘no, we are not standing for this,’ so my business is not standing for this,” Adler said via Instagram story.

“Let us make one thing clear. We are a stand for health and safety first and foremost. If this upsets you in any way, then that’s on you,” the message continued. “We have made a conscious choice as a business to choose not to allow anything into our space that is highly toxic and that we have no evidence of the true side effects.”

“We are called a low-tox, hi-vibe salon. This means we stand for human’s truest health!”

But as a result of deciding to refuse service to anyone who has been vaccinated, the salon noted that they had become the subject of targeted trolling by people making fake bookings and not showing up.

“Unfortunately we are having a lot of people making fake bookings and pranking our business,” Khemia posted two hours ago. “This is very sad to see.”

Despite the salon’s claim that COVID vaccinations are unsafe, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Ausralian Government’s Chief Medical Officer have publicly confirmed that all coronavirus vaccines have been heavily regulated for safety.

“Australia’s vaccine safety and regulatory process is world-class and people can be confident that vaccines approved for use are safe and effective,” Professor Michael Kidd and Professor John Skerritt said in a joint statement about AstraZeneca last month. “Our vaccines will save lives and are an essential part of tackling this global pandemic.”

Moreover, in a piece for The Conversation, gynaecology expert Dr Michelle Wise confirmed that there is “no scientific basis to reports some women have experienced changes to their periods from simply being around people who have been vaccinated”.

“Anecdotal reports of some menstrual irregularities is not a reason to avoid getting the vaccine. Getting infected with COVID-19 is much more likely to interfere with your health, including your menstrual health,” Dr Wise continued.

“If you’re eligible to receive a vaccine, then do so. And if you do have a heavier period next month, think of it like a temporary side effect, and try not to worry.”

Junkee has reached out to Khemia Hi Vibe Frequency Salon for comment.