Sad Internet Boys Are Mad That ‘Rogue One’ Has a Female Lead

"Another female lead, give me a break!"

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Well, it was only a matter of time. Because the internet is a terrible place where ridiculous idiots can reinforce each other’s stupid and bigoted opinions, it has taken less than a day for angry men on the internet to self combust with rage at the fact that Rouge One: A Star Wars Story has a female lead.

In a classic display of toxic, fragile masculinity, many critics on Twitter and YouTube have cried “feminist typecasting” at the trailer’s focus on Felicity Jones’ character, Rebel fighter Jyn Erso. Sound familiar? That’s because it also happened when Force Awakens came out, and sexist dickheads could not comprehend that their beloved Star Wars universe was being ruined by some chick called ‘Rey’. She even had a bloke’s name!

The response to the Rogue One trailer has been largely positive but it’s hard not to feel depressed that casting a female lead is still a ‘controversial’ move. It’s like the criticisms of Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters reboot; sure you can feel uneasy about it, but if you’re opposed to it on the basis of it having women in action hero roles traditionally reserved for men, you’re an asshole.

Hopefully male and female fans who are excited to see Felicity Jones beat up Stormtroopers, will drown out the haters. For now, the most ludicrously funny comment on the YouTube trailer goes to 88Somi: “another female lead, give me a break!”