Enjoy Ryan Reynolds And Taika Waititi Roasting Each Other For The Worst Move In Their Careers

The pair once starred in 'Green Lantern' together -- but try telling them that.

Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi

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Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi are birds of a feather.

I mean, look at the facts. They are both: A) cornerstones of our new superhero cinema, with Reynolds bringing the iconic Deadpool to life, and Waititi transforming Thor into one of the most beloved entities in the Marvel universe. B) Extremely hot. C) Full of a winking, antic charm, as though they are in on a secret that you don’t yet know. D) Did I mention hot?

In fact, the two are so similar that it’s surprising that they haven’t worked together before.

Uh, except, of course, they have worked together before. Only, their last collaboration was in a movie so bad that it has been collectively wiped from the memories of cinemagoers the world over.

Yep, both Waititi and Reynolds played key roles in Green Lantern, 2011’s superhero misfire. Reynolds was the titular Lantern, a role that he muddled his way through with a distinct lack of charm. And Waititi was Thomas Kalmaku, an iconic supporting character in the comics who was utterly butchered for his big screen debut.

In fact, neither of them have many good things to say about the film. Reynolds has skewered his involvement in character as Deadpool, while Waititi claims that production just wanted someone who “wasn’t, I don’t [know], not white or not black.”

So yeah, it’s not so surprising that when the two got together to film a new promo for the forthcoming movie Free Guy, they both pretended that it was straight-up the first time they had ever met.

The whole promo is hilarious, with Reynolds and Waititi showing off their considerable comic timing while Joe Keery of Stranger Things and Jodie Comer of Killing Eve — co-stars of Free Guy — sit in the corner and watch, aghast.

Drink up every last second the video below.