Tributes Are Pouring In For Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Who Has Passed At 87

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a trailblazing figure in the feminist movement and a Supreme Court Justice, passed away on Friday after a fight with pancreatic cancer. She was 87.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1993 by then-President Bill Clinton. She was only the second ever female justice appointed to the court, and became known for her advocacy work in gender rights.

In recent years, for American liberals in the age of Trump, Ruth Bader Ginsburg — or RBG — had become something of a heroic figure. She was outspoken against the President, calling this epoch in history an “aberration.”

As a result, in the hours since her death was announced, tributes have poured in from across social media, praising her glass ceiling-shattering work.

However, Ginsburg’s passing has also been met with something like fear from liberals, due to the set-up of The Supreme Court. Let’s dive into why.

What Will The Death Of Ginsburg Mean For The Trump Administration?

The set-up of the Supreme Court means that sitting Presidents appoint justices. These justices then stay in the court until they pass away, or retire. That means that appointing a justice is one of the most long-standing differences that a President can make to the shape of the country — a justice will continue making changes long after the President has served even their maximal two terms.

Indeed, for this very reason, Ginsburg was criticised for not standing down during the Obama administration despite her advanced age and health scares.

As a result of the power of an empty seat, Trump now has a lot of reasons to try and immediately appoint Ginsburg’s successor. Ginsburg herself foresaw this, and released via her granddaughter a statement — “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

But it is unlikely that Trump will honour such a wish. It seems inevitable that Trump will push for a republican replacement, shifting the Supreme Court red, and adding extra pressure and chaos to an already divided election year.