Robin Thicke Is Getting Annihilated In A Live Twitter Q&A Right Now

#askthicke might just be the worst PR decision ever made.

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Let it be known: the people of Great Britain have today committed a glorious and noble act. Working as one heart, mind and soul, these hardworking folk have taken it upon themselves to desecrate, steamroll and otherwise entirely obliterate the poisonous ego of everyone’s favourite lecherous middle-aged pervert, Robin Thicke, under a colossal, thunderous tidal wave of pure, unbridled, righteous hatred.

This avalanche of joy began about twelve hours ago, when British TV channel VH1 announced that they would be doing a live Twitter Q&A session with Thicke, presumably as part of some masochistic initiation ritual:

Exactly whose idea it was to expose one of the world’s most reviled creatures to the concentrated bile of hundreds of thousands of vengeful Britons remains to be seen, but what is already evident is that this is the single worst PR move anyone has ever made.

Should we look at some more?

I think we should look at some more.

It took a single hour for #AskThicke to start trending like hell in the UK, because not a single person in the country would’ve passed up the opportunity to call Robin Thicke an unreconstructed shitheap. They probably suspended Cabinet meetings.

Aaaaand one more, because you deserve it.


(I lied. It was three more.)

We salute you, good people of the United Kingdom. You have done their country proud this day.