‘Riverdale’ Is Like A Teen TV ‘Twin Peaks’ And It’s Your New Guilty Pleasure

Archie is really hot and it is confusing.

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Sometimes you just want to stop thinking about robots for a while and turn your tired brain off, in which case teen TV shows make a very satisfying option. Riverdale is a CW show that explores the Archie Comics world — but like, with more mystery and cute boys.

If you’re thinking this looks grittier than you’d imagine an Archie live action to look like, you’re right. The show — which should be out early next year — is presenting itself as a sort of teen drama version of Twin Peaks, but with more cheerleaders, teacher-student relationships and duffle bags of cash.

The show will revolve around the murder mystery of their missing classmate, Jason Blossom. I’m guessing, considering it’s the network that gave us Gossip Girl, it will also include many, many love triangles. If you’re having sexual feelings for Archie right now, do not be ashamed.