Squid Game, Babies And Fireworks: Rihanna’s Super Bowl Show, Recapped

Well, that was the most elaborate baby shower I've ever seen.


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After a five-year absence from performing, Rihanna belted out a medley of her best hits — all the while balancing on levitating platforms hundreds of metres from the ground, by the way — for a career-defining Super Bowl halftime show.

In her highly anticipated performance, Rihanna spectacularly re-entered the public domain with a set that bounced between top-tier material like ‘All Of The Lights’, ‘We Found Love’, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ and ‘Wild Thoughts’. She was also joined by almost 100 backup dancers who served an awe-inspiring set of moves.

The performance was so jaw-dropping that it quickly eroded the usual veneer of cool from celebrities in attendance, resulting in this highly relatable reaction from A$AP Rocky.

But despite the high-flying and gravity-defying antics that resembled an aesthetic mixture of Squid Game and Super Smash Bros, there was really only one thing on everyone’s mind.

In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter made shortly after the show, Rhianna indeed confirmed she is pregnant with her second child. Footage of ASAP Rocky’s adoring looks quickly took on a new meaning.

Despite the Rihanna-induced high most of us are enjoying after this performance/baby shower, do spare a moment for ex-flame Drake, who is presumably feeling a little fragile today.