Adult Swim Trolled ‘Rick And Morty’ Fans With A Disturbing April Fools Parody Set In Australia

It's animated by the creator of Damo and Darren.

Rick and Morty Bushland Adventures

Adult Swim has trolled Rick and Morty fans with a bizarre April Fools Day prank, releasing a disturbing 10-minute parody episode written and directed by Australian animator Michael Cusack, creator of YOLO and Damo and Darren.

Bushworld Adventures aired in place of a re-run of the season two episode ‘Mortynight Run’, and features Australian versions of the show’s title characters on a trip to Bendigo to retrieve a green cube.

It’s animated in the same style as Cusack’s other shorts, and really plays up the abusive elements of Rick and Morty’s relationship. At one point, Rick even points a loaded gun at his grandson’s head and threatens to kill him and then himself.

Even by Rick and Morty standards, the episode is pretty extreme, and the reaction from fans has been decidedly mixed. Some people loved it, while others were just really pissed off.

It’s also hard not to view the episode as something of a response to the extreme, toxic behaviour exhibited by some of the show’s fans.

Last year Adult Swim used April Fools Day to release the first episode of the show’s third season out of the blue. But with season four yet to be officially ordered, Bushworld Adventures will have to do.

Bushworld Adventures can be viewed on the Adult Swim website.