Australia’s Power Couple Rhonda And Ketut Are Back, And They’ve Had A Baby

After seven years, Rhonda and Ketut have a new chapter in their story.

Rhonda and Ketut

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Australia’s most beloved fictional couple Rhonda and Ketut are back and… they’ve started a family! It’s been seven years since we last saw the iconic couple, but Rhonda and Ketut are back with an important message: get vaccinated!

A new AAMI insurance advertisement, featuring the couple and their baby, aired on TV last Saturday.

In a statement AAMI said, “Rhonda and Ketut, the iconic couple known for their Balinese love story, sunglass tans, ‘beautiful brake feet’ and penchant for safe driving have taken a break from Australian TV screens for almost a decade to raise their three kids away from the prying eyes of the media”.

Rhonda and Ketut, played by actors Mandy McElhinney and Kadek Mahardika, are on a video call in the new AAMI advertisement. “Eyes on the future, Australia,” Ketut says with a grin, before turning his phone and showing us Rhonda, lazing in the sun with their baby. “Vax up, Australia,” says Rhonda. “Like a sunrise.”

The iconic TV couple’s romance officially ended back in 2014, but AAMI decided to bring them back as part of their dedicated campaign to get Australia back to normal.

“We’ve launched our own call to arms campaign proactively encouraging Australians to take action, as getting vaccinated is our ticket to a more ‘normal’ existence and getting back to doing what we love.” said AAMI’s chief executive of insurance Lisa Harrison.

“Their return to TV is in the national interest — to encourage their fellow Aussies to roll up their sleeves and ‘vax up’.”

The national interest? I couldn’t agree more. It really took a global pandemic and then some to get an update on Australia’s greatest love story. You heard them though: vax up!

You can watch Rhonda and Ketut in all their vaccinated glory below: