Pizza Ovens And Anal Beads: The Weirdest Items In Revolver’s Lost And Found

Any of these items look familiar?

Revolver Upstairs Melbourne

We’ve all suffered the agony of losing something on a night out. Whether it was an old jumper you shoved under a table and forgot about, or your house keys that you only realised you’d forgotten when you rocked home and had to break in through the back window — it’s happened to us all at some time or another.

Having been an infamous staple of Melbourne’s nightlife for many years now, Revolver has had its fair share of items land in the lost and found. Most of them are pretty standard — a wallet here, a phone there — but sometimes things turn up that are, frankly, weird as fuck.

The club has been documenting all this treasure in their Lost Property Hall of Shame since 2009, and they’ve collected everything from bras and jumpers, to tennis rackets and handcuffs, to cold sore cream (oh no) and cane toad wallets, to a pizza oven (yes, really).

Scroll down for our favourites — who knows, you might find something you thought was lost forever. For the full gallery, check out their Facebook.

All photos via Revolver Upstairs Facebook