Tom And Abby From ‘Queer Eye’ Are Married Now So I Guess Love Actually Exists

It's the greatest love story on television.

Queer Eye

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Queer Eye’s most tumultuous love story has officially climaxed with a tasteful, yet emotionally resonant wedding. That’s right, Tom and Abby have tied the knot (again), proving that all you need to find true love is five fabulous queer men and a TV budget.

You’ll remember Tom Jackson as the adorable ‘redneck margarita’ drinking sweetheart from episode one of the beautiful Queer Eye reboot. He’s a lonely, shy soul with a lack of confidence in himself. His transformation at the hands of the Fab Five is one of the most dramatic and sweetest in the series.

It was also revealed during the episode that he was still holding a major torch for his ex-wife, Abby Parr, and a lot of the arc revolved around a sneaky attempt to get them back together.

And this is where the rollercoaster begins — after the show ended, we were treated to a dizzying range of updates from Tom, who has really embraced social media. First we learned the heartwarming news that the two were dating again, showing us that the life-makeover he’d been given had totally worked!

But then, shockingly, we were dismayed to discover they had broken up again. Does love even exist, we all screamed at the stars. What’s the point of it all? But then, shortly after our hearts were crushed, they got back together and were engaged! What a fucking whirlwind.

And now, as reported by Us Weekly, the two have now married. I’d ask what the rush is, but I suppose we’re all mortal and our tenure on earth is heartbreakingly swift, so might as well get cracking.

The couple eloped in a private ceremony, held at a chapel in Tennessee. Abby told Us Weekly:

“I was excited and happy! I was marrying the love of my life. Tom looked happy and excited as I walked down the aisle – I was looking at him looking at me and he was smiling as I walked down the aisle!”

Unfortunately none of the cast of Queer Eye attended the wedding, which seems a shame, but Tom did wear the suit and shirt that were tailored for him by Tan during his episode, proving that Tan is the most useful of the five.

You can check out the wedding photos over at Us Weekly. Queer Eye is on Netflix.