People Are Tagging Dom Perrottet In Pics Of Dog Shit To Protest His Support Of Greyhound Racing

Angry greyhound owners are using #PoopForPerottet to combat the NSW Premier's shitty pro-dog racing stance.

Dominic Perrottet Greyhound Instagram PoopForPerrottet

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It’s been two weeks since Dominic Perrottet replaced Gladys Berejiklian as NSW Premier — and if his tagged photos on Instagram are anything to go by, the people of NSW aren’t very happy.

Following Berejiklian’s decision to step down amid an investigation from the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Perrottet became NSW’s 46th Premier after winning a party room ballot.

Famously, given how Australian politics works, party room ballots don’t take into account public opinion on who is actually wanted by the state which is concerning considering Perrottet’s extremely conservative views. This becomes even scarier when you look at the new Premier’s comments around his plans for a “new chapter” for the state that focuses on “infrastructure and family”.

For context, Dominic Perrottet is a 39-year-old, pro-Trump, soon-to-be father of seven with some very outdated political views as part of the conservative right faction of the Liberal Party. And as a devout Catholic, religion also plays a big part in Perrottet’s values which apparently “inspire” him to “make a difference wherever” he goes.

More specifically, Perrottet previously called gender-neutral language the “pronoun police”, claimed that anyone who supports abortion is on the “wrong side of history” and was strongly against marriage equality. Oh, that and Perrottet’s very vocal opposition to the bill that called for priests to disclose child sexual abuse.

On issue that the people of NSW have found fault with is Perrottet’s support of the greyhound racing industry: an unnecessary cruel and barbaric “sport” that results in hundreds of unnecessary greyhound deaths each year and thousands of racing-related injuries.

Back in May, Perrottet shared a photo with a racing greyhound along with a caption that spoke about his commitment to making sure the sport had “great facilities” because of how “important” the racing industry is for “many communities in NSW”.

“The greyhound racing industry is important for many communities in NSW,” Perrottet wrote. “We’re committed to making sure the sport has great facilities — not only to give punters a better experience but to improve the safety and welfare of dogs like Snowy here.”


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As one can expect, greyhound owners weren’t very happy to hear that a pro-dog racing conservative had been voted in to replace Berejiklian as Premier. So, in response to Perrottet’s appointment as NSW Premier, dog owners have gathered their greyhounds to troll the Premier with #PoopForPerrottet. And, yes. The movement is exactly what it sounds like: A bunch of greyhounds pooping in ~honour~ of Perrottet’s absolutely shitty values and beliefs.

Started by rescue greyhound @a.dog.named.Damo on October 7, Perrottet’s tagged Instagram pictures have now been flooded with photos of greyhounds shitting accompanied by valid criticism of the Premier’s support of dog racing.

While some dog owners have chosen to tag the canine excrement as Dominic Perrottet, others have gone one step further by photoshopping the Premier as the poop itself. Either way, the images really are a trip. And it’s surprising that whoever runs the Premier’s Instagram account hasn’t toggled off the tag function yet. Thankfully.

So please enjoy some of the best #PoopForPerrottet’s as greyhound owners creatively protest the NSW Premier’s support of greyhound racing:


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If you want to see the full gallery of Perrottet poops, you can check out the NSW Premier’s tagged photos here and or browse the hashtag here.